Grand Concept Certified Public Accountants (Practising) Limited

Statutory audit

Statutory audit of financial statements is a legal requirement for every limited company incorporated in Hong Kong and is conducted in accordance with Hong Kong Standards on Auditing issued by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and Companies Ordinances.

Tax advisory

We offer dedicated tax advisory services and advise you on the increasing risk to your company due to the changing tax environment, by managing your tax planning in an efficient manner, or implementing your organisational change in a tax efficient manner.


Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions. In accordance with the Inland Revenue Ordinance of Hong Kong, any persons/entities carrying on trade, profession or business are obliged to keep the business records of that enterprise own for at least seven years.

Company formation and Secretarial Services

You can setup a Hong Kong company by either ready-made company or new name company.

Company Deregistration

Deregistering a company means that you do not have to continue your obligations as an officeholder. It's a good idea to consider deregistering a company if it's no longer trading.

Performing Agreed-Upon Procedures

Agreed-Upon procedures is when the accountant is hired to issue a report of findings based on specified financial statement items. The users of the report agree upon the procedures to be conducted by the accountant that the user believes are suitable.